Our Process

Getting to Know Each Other

The first step in your project will be a conversation about the goals you have for your space. This can take place via phone or video call with one of our designers, based on what is most comfortable for you. It's an opportunity for us to answer your questions and learn more about your personal style.

Online Design Proposals

Next, we pull together your ideas and inspiration images, as well as an estimated budget and timeline for your project based on our years of experience. This professional presentation uses actual measurements of your project to create drawings and, where appropriate, uses 3D technology to help you visualize what your space could be!

Home Visits

We value the trust you place in us by bringing us into your home. Our designers and contractors are part of our family. On the job, workers enclose construction areas by putting up plastic shields with air-tight seals when possible, avoid other areas of the house, and leave the space clean at the end of the day. We stand behind our work and do everything we can, every step of the way, to make the process enjoyable and stress free.

Ready to get started?